The State

On the physical and economic levels, the State is an inherently unstable parasitic collaborative of politicians/bureaucrats and select corporations, along with a subservient media, clergy, and intelligentsia, that relies upon a combination of extortion, intimidation, threats, and violence to dominate its human host. In doing so it distorts markets, stifles competition, discourages innovation, and through manipulation of the money supply and debt, siphons the lion's share of wealth into the pockets of a tiny group of central banking families, while destroying a good portion of the wealth that it doesn't steal. On a metaphysical level, the State, whether real or imagined, is a faith based deity existing in the minds of its believers, generally based on a combination of the adoration of a Great Man along with an illogical fear of a Bogeyman in conjunction with an unblinking faith in the political process. That faith in turn relies on a dramatic opera-like performance on the part of politicians as they attempt to appear relevant, while the shadow government of bureaucrats and corporate/banking puppet masters attempts to remain unseen. All the while the State struggles to provide services it claims the monopolistic right to provide, while miserably failing at providing those services. On the occasion that the State's true nature is revealed and its failures exposed, it always responds by sending in waves of lies by actors on all levels, while systematically discrediting, beating down, or murdering anyone who shines the light on those failures.

New Babylon

Nieuwenhuys conceived New Babylon to be an endless array of networks that would be mutatable: with being tied down to the factory or bureaucracy, individuals could endless drift or wanders through its spaces, and would be fully invested with the capability of transforming the architecture itself. Through these nomadic movements and interaction with the environment, New Babylon would be forever shifting, always manifesting itself into new experiences. In keeping with the Situationist'’'s style of libertarian Marxism, the “citizenry” (for lack of a better word) of New Babylon would lose any sense of attachment – bourgeois and humanist constructs of the social, family life and belong would be obliterated in an endless voyage through the realms of desire. As these things dissipate from the human condition, the nomadic New Babylonian would lose his or her sense or time, and eventually even the sense of self through the loss of memory.

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