There are three basic structures in energy anatomy. They all attract subtle energies from external sources and distribute them throughout the body. They transform subtle energies into physical energies and vice versa, before sending subtle energies back into the world. These subtle structures also create, underpin, and sustain their physical counterparts. In both worlds —subtle and physical— the three basic structures are fields, channels, and bodies.

The main human subtle fields include the auric field, which surrounds the human body and links with the chakra energy bodies; the morphogenetic fields, which connect organisms within a group; the Vivaxis, which links the human body with the earth; and various other energy fields that link us to different planes and dimensions, such as the etheric and astral fields. There are also fields on the body and fields produced by sound, magnetism, electromagnetic radiation, geometry, and other means.

Subtle energy channels can be described as rivers of light that transport life energy in and around the body. In the ancient Chinese medical system, these channels are called meridians and the pulsing vital energy, chi.

The subtle energy bodies are organs that convert fast-moving energy into slow-moving energy. There are dozens of such energy bodies; the best-known are called chakras, which interface between the subtle energy structures and physical organs. Subtle bodies are connected through a network of energy channels called nadis.

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